Download Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for helping us disseminate scientifically accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant and lactating people. 

This communication toolkit is designed to provide you with communication materials, including social media content, and a comprehensive list of medically vetted answers to FAQs about the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy. Currently, we have content in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Bulgarian. We are adding more languages on an ongoing basis. 

We have tested these messages with pregnant people on social media through a sponsored ad campaign in Washington State and an ongoing independent survey. In this toolkit, we are sharing only the messages that were best-received by pregnant audiences. The creatives include a variety of text and image based ads, informative articles and videos from doctors. 

The toolkit includes additional ways in which you can help us increase the reach of this social media campaign to continue the work of our small team and translate the content into additional needed languages. 

We would love to hear how you have used the toolkit and if we can make any additions or revisions. Write to us at

How You Can Help

1. Send us your organization logo that we can display as a partner
2. Make a video where you tell us why you got vaccinated/boosted and why pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should do this now
3. Consider donating to help us promote this message nationally and internationally. We are very cost effective at only 4 cents per person reached. Donate here.

Ads and Creatives

Download and share these images on your channels, to help promote medically and scientifically accurate conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy.

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